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The Man Who Understands Blue Light Best in Taiwan

My friends often jokingly refer to me this way...

I am Stanley, the founder of "Blue Light Shield," with 24 years of experience in the chemical industry, specializing in the research and development of coatings for 3C electronic products, such as laptop casings, console casings, screen casings, and more. However, these coatings can indeed cause pollution to our environment, air, and water.

So I started thinking, is it possible to avoid causing such pollution and damage in the process of technological development? Therefore, I spent two years in the laboratory, conducting over 800 experiments, focusing on researching surface technologies like vacuum deposition and nanocoatings that do not cause air or water pollution. My goal is to contribute to the protection of our planet's environment.

Thanks to this technology, I discovered that the combination of nanooptical coatings and thin glass can block harmful light spectra for the eyes. This inspired me to create a product that can protect our eyes by blocking blue light for the well-being of our families.